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Entry #1

Trolling is so easy

2011-03-20 18:15:22 by SchnizzleFits

isn't it?

LOL I saw your name in pending comments, I'd knew you'd come.

Trolling is so easy


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2011-03-21 11:26:53

Two simple words: Fuck America.


2011-03-20 18:56:28

Better hope I never see you on the outside boy, cause you sure as hell don't know who your trying to fuck with.

For your health it had better stay that way you little bastard.

(Updated ) SchnizzleFits responds:

Oh shit you gonna throw a Spirit Bomb at me or something or maybe do some Ninjistu, I'm super scared. I got into an Internet Fight and now the consequences are irreversible.

Fucking three years later your a brony, you pathetic fat sack of shit. I guess I could watch out because for your health you might try to sit on me? I thought of you as a joke before but now your a waste of human resources.


2011-10-14 00:28:27

every day im trollin trollin