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Sometimes I ask why I love this so much. This series never dulls, this part in particular. Serously, I don't know how you manage to pull it off every time. Thanks for the comedy of a lifetime, your work is awesome.

Today's my Birthday

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God has spoken and has told me you need "all the 5's"

Vast improvments

since watching since the first Real Legend was new, you've made a lot of improvements, and its good your deploying them. The rushed ending does kill it somewhat, but over all this is still great. See you in 2 years or so? (it will be worth it)

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This is pretty decent and with a bit more polish, and a better control scheme this could fare well if you wanted to make a full game out of it.

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I was wondering what you where up to. Anyway, this added some nice touches. The humor is mostly in what the shark pulls into the water and they are worth a good laugh. The addition of the mini boss like King Kong and trying to catch the baseballs are nice. I love this series even if little does change between them.

Simple yet fun

I liked this game a lot except the sudden difficulty ramp, while I don't have a problem with it the problem mostly is with timing on the second areas spikes. They are far to punishing, especially since you should be sliding about every second

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To this day I still think I'm part of the few who understand this remix and why its great.

I feel the Kirby in it

though out the song, I could feel that it could transition into a real Kirby song. You got it down perfectly.


why does a guy like this have to go?

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It's always nice to see things like these.

As random or dark as Newgrounds can be, this is always nice to see. Keep it up!

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Well ok there

people just love dicks and you draw it for them? Why not. Anyway that Zero looked awesome but the totoro just made the whole thing.

Out of all thing you draw

You have a chainsaw, what could be a dildo, and a women in one pic AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING.

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